growing and using herbs growing herbs using herbs

Growing and Using Herbs . . .

. . . an experience that you’ll not soon forget!

While growing your own herbs, you will feel the warmth of the dirt as it sifts between your fingers.

You will smell the fragrance of the herbs as their aromas fill the air around you as you care for them and use them to prepare culinary delights for you and your family.

You will experience the satisfaction of growing plants that you use to enhance your life and the lives of those around you.

You will feel the benefits of using herbs to maintain and/or increase your health.

Our site will prepare you for all this and more.

While using herbs, you will experience the satisfaction in knowing that you are using plants as God intended them – to enjoy, to nurture and to heal your body and your soul.

The journey begins here … are you ready?

growing and using herbs growing herbs using herbs

In the garden, herbs are often planted for medicinal and culinary purposes. But their use does not stop there.

Growing and Using Herbs will look at all the different ways that herbs can be used in the garden.

And let’s not overlook the therapeutic benefits of gardening itself.

We will look at the use of herbs in companion planting. Certain plants paired together can help or hinder each other. Yes, in companion planting it is wise to consider that a plant has enemies that may not have their best interest at heart.

Growing and Using Herbs hopes to help you discover so many of the joys and benefits of gardening with herbs.

Gardening with herbs offers another source of pleasure – plants that you can pet. That’s right, many herbs surround you with a cloud of fragrance as you caress or brush against them, or purposefully crush their leaves.

cooking with herbs growing and using herbs

Whether you grow your own herbs or choose to purchase them, whether you use them fresh or dried, there are a wide variety of herbs that can be used when cooking.

Growing and Using Herbs will guide you in the use of culinary herbs to create dining pleasures to delight family and friends.

medicinal herbs growing herbs using herbs growing and using herbs

Herbs have been used for thousands of years, helping people to maintain and/or regain their health and well-being.Growing and Using Herbs will explore these uses.

Remember, it is always wise to seek the advice of a qualified health care professional before using an herb to treat an ailment or condition. Herbs are medicine and need to be respected as such.

We will journey into the world of aromatherapy which can be used for pleasure as well as therapeutically, enhancing your life – body, mind and spirit.

herbal teas growing and using herbs growing herbs

 Growing and Using Herbs will look at using herbs to brew/steep herbal teas which can be used not only for enjoyment, but for their healing and health-promoting benefits as well.

decorating with herbs crafting with herbs

Whether creating something herbal for yourself or for someone else, you are sure to find something here to please everyone on your gift giving list.

Growing and Using Herbs will look at using herbs to decorate the home creating something that is visually appealing, as well as something to tantalize you and your guests with fragrances that fill the air around you.

Growing and Using Herbs will provide you with ideas that inspire … and then give you the knowledge to create an herbal treasure for yourself.

Decorating and crafting with herbs … tantalizes the senses … and the imagination.

And it enables you to enjoy the bounty of the harvest for many years to come.


growing and using herbs growing herbs using herbs

We look forward to the journey and would love to have you join us every step of the way. Grab a cup of tea, enjoy one or more of our articles, and share your thoughts with us.

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Let’s discover the joy of growing and using herbs together!